ML1000K – 1ton

The lifting height of the chain is variable and can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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Capacity (ton)

Weight (kg)


Equipment designed to work in a wide range of fields, multi-disc vane motor and braking system, lowering limiting valve, pressure regulator / lubricator set, charge adjustment system.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 1 ton.
Amount of current drop: 1
Elevation of load current: 10m
Drive slope elevation: 10m
Maximum Loaded Lifting Speed: 8.5m / min
Maximum descent rate under load: 14,9m / min
Loaded Safety Factor: 5: 1
Working Pressure: 7bar
Recommended air flow: 2.1 m³ / min
Weight: 50 kg

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Technical support

Rafael santello
General manager
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Sales and leasing

Ricardo Almeida
Commercial Manager
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Service and Maintenance

David Bragion
Operational Manager
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