HL2000K – 2ton

The lifting height of the chain is variable and can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Weight (kg)

Capacity (Tons)


Equipment developed to work in various areas of expertise. Vane motor and multi-disc braking system. Limit valve for rising of the load. Filter / Pressure Regulator / Lubricated Assembly, Load Adjustment System

Technical specifications

Capacity: 2 tons.
Amount of current drop: 1
Elevation of load current: 10m
Drive slope elevation: 10m
Maximum Loaded Lifting Speed: 8.5m / min
Maximum descent rate under load: 14,9m / min
Loaded Safety Factor: 5: 1
Working Pressure: 7bar
Recommended air flow: 2.1 m³ / min
Weight: 50 kg

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