Pneumatic winch

K6UAB – 4,5ton

K6U pneumatic winches are robust and reliable for lifting operation and load handling. Equipment is supplied with brakes
automatic / strapping, drum guard and overload valves. The equipment can be used for work in Zone 1 hazardous areas..

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Cable Storage Capacity (mm)

Cordless Weight (kg)

Technical specifications

Capacity: 4.5 ton
Dimensions: L 594, C 760, H 597mm
Maximum working speed: 21m / min
Recommended wire rope: 16mm
Cable Storage Capacity: 153m
Working Pressure: 7 bar
Recommended air flow: 17m³ / min
Weight without cable: 600kg

Layer Capacity – 1st Layer

Maximum Capacity: n / a
Maximum Speed: n / a

Capacity in layers, half drum Maximum capacity 4.5 tons.

Maximum Speed: 1321m / min

Layer Capacity, Full Drum

Maximum Capacity: n / a
Maximum Speed: n / a


Compact, internal automatic disc brakes, safety systems (overload valve), drum protector, silencer.

Transport and installation

Approved lifting devices for transporting winches and wire ropes. Easy installation by screws, mounted on sacrificial base.

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Service and Maintenance

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