HV7 – Hydraulic winch


The constant voltage function is based on a constantly exerted motor pressure. Such pressure is adjusted by the operator via the specific winch for the desired load.

In some cases, the traction load is not static; it moves according to the movement of the ship, causing a change in weight.
To transport and keep the cargo under control, even with the ship’s natural movement variations, this winch is the best on the market.

Cordless Weight (kg)

Capacity (tons)

Technical specifications

Capacity: 10 tons
Dimensions: L 1900, C1200, A 1230mm
Drum Dimensions: 900mm
Maximum working speed: 73m / min
Recommended wire rope: 18 / 22mm
Cable Storage Capacity: 800m
Working Pressure: 150/300 bar
Recommended min-max flow: 60L / min – 450L / min
Weight without cable: 2200kg

Layer Capacity 1st layer

Maximum Capacity: 9,800kg
Maximum Speed: 110m / min

Layer Capacity Half Drum

Maximum Capacity: 7400kg
Maximum speed: 140m / min

Layer Capacity Full Drum

Maximum Capacity: n / a
Maximum Speed: n / a


Compact, constant voltage approved for working in environments with temperatures between -20 to + 30 °, 3-stage planetary, ATEX ZONE I.

Transport and installation

Approved lifting devices for transporting winches and wire ropes. Easy screw installation.

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